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2016 Club Dinner

posted 24 Jan 2017, 07:16 by Lara Taylor
Thanks to all the club members and their partners who attended our annual club dinner at Bel & The Dragon, Godalming, last night. Although numbers were slightly down on last year, it was great to see so many of you there and listen to some fun plans for 2017.

Thanks to Bel for hosting us so efficiently (we got a glass of bubbly this year!), and to Matt Hurst for organising the evening.

Strava awards were handed out to those in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the annual segment competition: Natalie White, Jackie Johnson and Ali Walters from the ladies, and Jon Hughes, Karl Chandler and Mark Herbert from the men.

Karl Chandler, Matt Hill, Simon Hewitson and Mark Herbert were also awarded the trophy for their win in the vets category of the 4-up TTT challenge.

Our customary serious and not-so-serious awards ceremony gave kudos to the following people:

  1. Competitive Rider of the Year to David Smith for doggedly pursuing his racing goals and simply for hours spent in the racing saddle.

  2. Competitive Performance of the Year to Jon Hughes for his outstanding 19:50 10-mile TT PB, and also to Mark Pritchard for standout efforts in cat 4 racing this year, sometimes in hideous conditions, earning him and the club kudos from race organisers.

  3. Most Improved Rider 2016 to Paul Davies for evolving from injured and unfit solo rider to faster-than-most and dedicated team member.

  4. Grand Tour Award to Elliot Brown for completing his astonishing solo London to Paris attempt in 20 hrs 50 mins.

  5. Rider of the Year to Gary Godwin for a mind boggling mix of distance and speed, culminating in his 3 Cathedrals Ride (supposedly a club ride but nobody else was mad enough to join him); 195 miles and well over 10,000ft which he rode solo in 11.5 hours at nearly 17mph.

  6. Best Dressed Rider to Chris Parker for always being immaculately turned out, and being one of the only people who can genuinely carry off a peaked cap under a cycling helmet.

  7. Comedy Moment to Matt Hurst for blagging his way to Hoops Velo in a police car, once there blagging two tubes that he didn't have enough money to buy, blagging workshop space in which to fix his punctures, and topping it all off with a blagged Nespresso from the chief mechanic!

  8. Outstanding Contribution to all the ride leaders who are the backbone of the club's activities, especially those who seem to be single-handedly ensuring the survival of entire sections of riders (Tim Rogers for the Mod+ Group, Collette Patto for the Strictly Socials, Marco Burgin for the Intro and Social Mod group, Ali Walters and Lara O'Keeffe for the ladies). The awards went to Peter Davies and Chris Harrison for their perpetual willingness to step into the breach and do way more than their fair share of ride leading.

  9. Clubman of the Year to Ali Walters for her strong riding, maximum enthusiasm commitment to all things VCGH, getting involved in every activity, happily taking on ride leadership and helping to organise trips.