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2014 Club Dinner

posted 20 Jan 2015, 05:06 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 20 Jan 2015, 05:08 ]
The annual club dinner took place at Bel & the Dragon in Churt on Monday 19th Jan. It was a great fun evening - booked out at 50 members - with decent grub, plenty of booze, and a few friendly awards. Thanks to all the members and their partners who joined us and contributed to the excellent vibe, and to Matt Hurst for the organisation.

The summary of award winners are as follows:

  1. Special Mention to Marco for the endless work and encouragement he puts into the improver and social groups.

  2. Most Improved Rider to Antonio Silano for a year of committed riding, impressive gain (speed), and loss (weight).

  3. Best TTist inevitably to Steve Williamson for a year that has included breaking the 30mph average barrier  for a 10 mile TT, placing 3rd at the VTTA National Championships, 3rd in the Cat 3 field at the Duo Normand, and 1st in his age category (11th overall) at the RTTC Closed Circuit Championships.

  4. Outstanding Effort to Carl Wichman and Karl Chandler for completing all 4 legs on the first day of the Rother Valley Challenge in July, cycling 212 miles from Haslemere to Sheffield (and then getting up the next day and cycling around 100 miles each for day 2). 

  5. Grand Tour Award to Pete Ross for his commitment to organising and completing Land's End John O'Groats this June after adverse weather curtailed his attempt in 2013.

  6. Rider of the Year to Peter Davies for unstinting attendance at almost every moderate club ride through the year, completing LEJOG and RVC, leading regular moderate rides and often mountain biking in his 'spare' time.

  7. Best Dressed Rider to Elliot Brown for unparalleled loyalty to the VCGH club kit!

  8. Comedy Moment to Shirl for keeping smiles on the faces of her co-riders with eccentric commitment issues, requests for alarm calls and lifts to Milford Station from her house (which is practically within view of Milford Station)!

  9. Exceptional Contribution to Adam Denton for organising the Rother Valley Challenge in July - an amazing effort which included meticulous route recceing, complicated logistical planning of hotels, routes, teams and support cars, and persuading local cafés to open outside of hours so the crew could stay fed and watered. And also to Matt Hurst for his unfailing commitment to the welfare of other VCGH riders above himself and for always being the first to put his hand in the air.

  10. Clubman of the Year to Will Ranoe for his passion for cycling, inspiring and encouraging others, being quick to volunteer, and hands-on in helping to organise (the Facebook group, racing team, the Strava Challenge etc.), as well as riding (constantly) with determination and style!
Commitment: 100% vol