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Thanks Jackie Fieldus: Welcome Andrew Hall!

posted by Lara Taylor   [ updated ]

Thanks to Jackie for 18 months of commitment as our Membership Secretary. Jackie is doing less cycling these days, and with a busy work and life schedule, asked if we could look out for a replacement to take over when possible. Andrew Hall very kindly volunteered to take it on, and we had an official handover on Friday.

Obviously there'll be a period of adjustment while Andrew gets to grips with systems some of which are a little clunky, so bear with him. We hope however, that soon improvements will be made which will streamline the Membership Secretary role and make things like data analysis much easier.

Andrew has been a member of VCGH for 3 years and rides most weekends in the Social-Mod and Social groups, often alongside his son. As such he's an integral part of everyday club riding and has great insight into club ethos and structure, making an excellent first encounter with VCGH. He can be reached on membership@vcgh.co.uk.

VCGH Rider Survey 2018

posted 11 Jun 2018, 05:28 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 11 Jun 2018, 05:28 ]

The link to the rider survey should have arrived in your email inbox late last night. This is a really important opportunity for us to gather feedback about how we're doing, and what needs to be improved in the Club's  core service, so please take the time (it doesn't take more than a few minutes) to give us your opinion and help us develop ideas for the future. It doesn't matter if you're a regular rider or have only been out with us a couple of times - all comments are valuable.

We'll close the survey at the end of this week (Sunday 17th June) and then collate the data and prepare a presentation of the results in the following week. Thanks to all those of you who've already filled out the survey (50 at the time of writing this) - there are some interesting ideas and insights. 

If you haven't received a link to the survey please email captain@vcgh.co.uk and I'll email you the link directly.

The VCGH Big Ride

posted 6 Jun 2018, 01:13 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 12 Jun 2018, 03:15 ]

On Saturday 16th June we're running an event to involve as many VCGHers from as many ride groups as possible. It'll start with a series of club rides in the morning, starting from Thursley recreation ground carpark (next to the cricket green), and end up at 14:00 at the Three Horseshoes in Thursley for a barbecue lunch and beers (£10 per person for food - pay on the day). The rides can take whatever format you like; there are set routes and you can join a hub group going at a specified pace or you can make your own arrangements to ride solo or join a group of friends. The format is very much like the sportive-style Merry Harriers ride we run on Wednesday evenings.

More details about the event can be found here. However, sign-up is now closed and the pub have been given final numbers so please email captain@vcgh.co.uk with any last-minute requests.

Hope to see you there.

Funeral Details for Saeed

posted 3 Jun 2018, 08:16 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 3 Jun 2018, 08:16 ]

Details of the funeral of Saeed Mumtaz

Date: Saturday 9th June 2018

Time: 11am

Where: GreenAcres Heatherley Wood
Grayshott Road
Hampshire GU35 8LA

Instructions: Please arrive and be seated/stood by 10.50am for the arrival. 
No dress code.
Please bring a single gerbera flower (any colour) to place on Saeed's coffin at the grave.
Refreshments will be served in the building at Heatherley Wood directly after the burial. 
No other floral tributes, instead we would ask for donations to Surrey Air Ambulance who did their best to save Saeed. Either donate online using this link or to the Funeral Director on the day.

Our Values

posted 30 May 2018, 01:58 by Mark Burgin

I’ve been a member of VCG(H) since the beginning when even I was young, there were six of us, eight on a good day. 

I kind of know where we came from as a club, the roots, the ethos that said, ‘OK if there are others that want to ride with us, with our friendship group and they agree to be bound by our values that’s OK, come along, you’re welcome’.  

In time those values were formally agreed by the members and have since that club meeting back in May 2007 been agreed to by every member that has joined the club.  Each of you on signing the membership form became a shareholder in VCGH.  It’s our club, it's your club, we’re bound by that common code, more importantly the club sinks or swims because of the collective behaviour of us all.

At the heart of our code is an understanding that all members by joining the club have made a commitment to support our values and donate their time and efforts to make the Club and it’s members the centre of their cycling world.  Sure you can do event, competitions whatever works for you, but this is where you belong.  I could name a few outstanding members, but for me, Will is an epic example of this ethos, much more able than most of us have ever been but he returns, he’s ever present, this is home.

Perhaps I’m just a grumpy old man past my sell by date and should be put out to graze my days away, but I passionately believe that the community that is our Club is valuable, means a huge amount to its members and that the world is just a fraction better because we’re here.   

All that said little by little I think we are in danger of loosing our way.  I see quite a bit of what seems to me thoughtless behaviour by some of our members.  Rides that should be open to all members not posted on the Club calendar, I could name three in the last week.  

The effect of this is understandably that members not invited feel excluded and the spirit and set of core values that make us the best cycling club in the south of England get eroded little by little chip by chip.  I therefore implore you to think about your commitment to the club, to care for your fellow member, value our community and post as many of your rides as you feel able to.  Whilst I’m on a rant how about signing up for the rides you intend to join ASAP, not at the last possible moment. I ask this of you so everyone can see your intention - believe it or not people join rides because their mate is going, you sign, they sign and then the whole snowball starts.

When you are passionate about a sport as we all are, there are always going to be moments of friction when the red mist descends, I just implore all of us to on balance be more selfless than selfish it kind of works out better that way.

Much love

For and on behalf of us at our best.

GDPR Compliance

posted 24 May 2018, 14:23 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 24 May 2018, 14:23 ]

To comply with the new data protection regulations (GDPR) we have updated our Privacy Notice within the Membership Application Form and created a new Privacy Policy to provide clear and concise information about what personal data we collect and how we use it to better understand our club membership, their activities and requirements, and to inform future decisions about improving the Club for all members. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

We need a new Membership Secretary

posted 23 May 2018, 02:00 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 23 May 2018, 02:00 ]

After 18 months of great work as our Membership Secretary, Jackie Fieldus would like to hand over the role to somebody new.

This is a great opportunity to get involved with your Club and get to know its inner workings! You are very often the first contact that new members will have with VCGH, and are ideally positioned to encourage and inspire potential joiners, so a friendly outlook and a good understanding of the Club's ethos are the most important qualities you'll need.

Most of the administration is via the PayPal dashboard and Google Drive but all relevant training and support will be given.

The role can be what you make it, but here's a little bit about the core responsibilities:

  • VCGH Membership is run by the Membership Secretary.

  • The line of reporting is to the Membership of the Club via the Exec Team.

  • The line of management is by the Exec Team or nominated Exec Team member.

  • The Membership Secretary is responsible for maintaining and administering a membership database of all members and managing the renewal / leaving process for members.  Specifically these duties include:

    • Keeping a record of members’ contact details and the fee(s) they have paid.

    • Administer the annual renewal of subscriptions, providing reminders to members when it is time for them to renew their subscriptions.

    • Keeping a record of the ‘In Case Of Emergency’ detail for each member.

    • The maintenance of the website Membership gallery.

  • The Membership Secretary is appointed by the Exec Team for one year only, with the hope that the post holder will offer themselves and retain the role through the AGM recruitment process.

  • Encourage members to take an active part in running the club.

  • Make sure new members are made welcome and looked after.

  • Be aware of the welfare obligations of the Club and report any concerns to the Club Welfare Officer.

If you'd like to understand a bit more about this opportunity please contact captain@vcgh.co.uk as soon as possible. We need you!

Saeed Mumtaz

posted 21 May 2018, 00:51 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 21 May 2018, 00:51 ]

Unfortunately I have some very sad news about one of our club members, Saeed Mumtaz, who has been a regular rider with the intro group over the past few months.

At the very end of the intro ride yesterday, and going very slowly on the approach to Milford Station carpark, Saeed fell off his bike. He was immediately found to be unconscious by the riders with him, so emergency services were called. CPR was administered by our riders and by a bystander who happened to be a trained lifeguard. Paramedics arrived on the scene and attempted to resuscitate but sadly their attempts were unsuccessful.

Saeed’s family were informed by police yesterday.

I wanted to send information out about this event as soon as possible, as clarification. However, at this point the exact cause of Saeed’s death is still unclear.

We will of course keep you informed of any further information relating to the accident, and also of funeral arrangements when we receive them, should any of you wish to attend. We will be sending a message of sympathy to Saeed’s family on behalf of VCGH in the next couple of days.

Please come back to me on captain@vcgh.co.uk if you have any questions or comments, and if you would like to add any personal messages to the card we will send to the family.

All the best,

May Club TT

posted 19 May 2018, 04:52 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 19 May 2018, 05:27 ]

Bright, calm and sunny this morning, but still pretty cold. 21 riders in total including 4 women. First rider home was Jez Ponting in 23:00 followed by David Walters in a PB time of 24:37, and Steve Green giving the VCGH TT a first try in 25:08. First woman was Lara T in 27:55, very closely followed by Ali Walters with a resounding PB of 28:36. In the road bike category, kudos must go to Will Ranoe who powered round the course in an astonishing 23:14 (a PB by 2 seconds), followed by Jon Hughes in 24:42 and Matt Hill in 25:27. 

Thanks to everyone who rode this month, and for your excellent pothole-dodging skills. I'll be reporting the holes on Skiff Lane and the start corner in the hopes of having them fixed before the June event.

And special thanks as always to the team of volunteers who helped to run the event for us, as it wouldn't happen without them. This month they were:

Start timekeeper: Ben Brown
Push-off-er & HQ teas: Hugh Johnson
Marshals: James Evans, Frank Edge, Ralph Buschow, Frank Eisenhower, Chris Eaton, Rob Wheeler
Finish timekeeper: Brian Waters
HQ: Karl Chandler

Thanks also to the Buschow cheerleading squad!

Full results are here (use the spreadsheet tabs to toggle months)

Next event is 23 June so please put it in your diaries!

LOST PROPERTY (contact captain@vcgh.co.uk)
  • 1 red and stainless steel Bodum coffee mug
  • 1 grey Castelli top

Race and General Kit Order

posted 14 May 2018, 04:39 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 14 May 2018, 04:45 ]

We are hurriedly placing an order to boost stock club kit and for VCGH race kit - apologies that this is already quite late in the season. Please would you email shop@vcgh.co.uk by this coming Thursday 17th May if you would like to order any of the following items. If you need help with sizing please check the sizing chart (follow the links to each item) and/or get in touch with Lara for advice - Castelli’s sizing is notoriously small and it’s best to get the order right than rely on us ordering surplus stock for you. 

We only place one order for race kit every year, so if you would like to acquire any, this is your opportunity.

All kit will be printed in VCGH club colours.

Free Aero Race Bibshort £89
These are a superior quality short compared to the team issue ‘volo’ bibshorts we hold in stock, and many non-racing riders prefer these for general use.
Aero Race Jersey £68
These come up *very* small. Suggest ordering at least one size larger than normal team jerseys.
Bioracer road race speedsuit approx £165 - would have to confirm exact price (the sizing on the Bioracer kit is much more true to life so order your usual size).
Climber's Jersey £57.
Super lightweight mesh-like jersey great for keeping cool on European climbs. Same 'athletic fit' as the aero race jersey (much slimmer than the 'team' jersey).

As usual the minimum order quantity of 10 per garment applies (4 for Bioracer speedsuits) so we can't order any of these items if demand is for significantly fewer than that, and the lead time is 6-8 weeks once the order’s in. 

There is a reasonable level of normal club kit available in stock. You can check the stock inventory for details. There’s more general info about kit (and pricing) on this page.

We will shortly be launching a t-shirt design competition for a casual VCGH t-shirt, so look out for that email coming soon!

Let Lara know if you have any questions.

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