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2019 AGM Minutes

posted 2 Apr 2019, 04:56 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 2 Apr 2019, 04:57 ]

Please read our 2019 AGM minutes and send comments or questions to captain@vcgh.co.uk.

Club Dinner THANK YOU (and quick survey)

posted 22 Mar 2019, 07:44 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 22 Mar 2019, 07:45 ]

Thanks to all of you who attended our Annual Club Dinner and AGM last night at Milford Golf Club. It was fab to see so many of you there. We were trying out a slightly new format for a change, mainly to allow a little more freeform socialisation. It would be good to hear what you thought about it in our totally anonymous survey. Please also fill this in if you didn't attend the evening - it'll only take 2 minutes of your time.

Our AGM minutes will be published in the next few days. And the accounts will be available on the website by 21st April. If you have any specific accounts-related questions you'd like answering before this time, please get in touch with Mark Wright.

Our customary awards ceremony paid an appropriate amount of homage to the following people:
  1. Saeed Mumtaz Most Improved Rider Award to Laura Senior for outgrowing nearly all the VCGH ranks and being an all round talented, lovely lass who is now also developing our first ever Ladies Race Team.

  2. Rob Marcus Competitive Rider Award to Chris Parker for not only supporting and encouraging our entire Race Team, and organising the Cutmill Road Race on behalf of the Club, but also committing to his own highly successful racing year, culminating in a very impressive Cat 2 status at season's close.

  3. Best Dressed Rider to David and Ali Walters (see pic) for their commitment to immaculate team presentation with a range of coordinating kit. (Not just one pink Rapha jersey, but two). Runner up Tim Powell (see pic for very obvious reason why).

  4. Comedy Moment to Adam Coomber for posting the year's most entertaining video on Facebook just before Christmas last year, along with the comment " Not sure about mince pies but plenty of mince in this ride!"

  5. Rider of the Year to Tim Powell for his infectious energy and enthusiasm; if there's riding to be had, he'll do it; if there isn't a ride posted, he'll post one; if there's a race in the offing, he'll have signed up for it.

  6. The Surrey Pavé Award - a real piece of rough-hewn Chilworth cobble dug up by the bloody fingernails of Chris Parker and awarded to someone who has truly outdone themselves - to Paul Davies for his phenomenal 13 hour 13 minutes, 207-mile, Chase the Sun ride last June, as well as notching up his 10,000th mile of riding on 18 December last year. Runner up was the mighty Matt Hill for his 144-mile Solstice at the Henge ride on 22 December, which he started at 2:43am, and averaged over 18mph.

  7. Exceptional Contribution should go to just about everyone involved in running the Club as it wouldn't exist without everyone's input. Many people were mentioned but sticking with the Jets theme for the second year in a row, it goes to Jets coach Adrian Waddy for standing in an often wet and windy carpark putting out cones and encouraging our next generation of riders to behave themselves and learn better skills than many of us have. Also for being always one of the first people to volunteer, and for organising the Lee Valley track day.

  8. Clubman of the Year to Jim Middleton for embodying the VCGH ethos of not just riding, but also getting stuck in to the community wherever possible, committing to keeping a big group of (unruly) Sunday riders in check each week, as well as finding time in a busy work and domestic schedule to help get our Training and Development project off the ground. Awesome stuff.
Winners: Best Dressed (matching even down to the accessories!)

Runner up: Best Dressed

The Surrey Pavé Award.

Roll up! Roll up! Club Dinner approaching!

posted 10 Mar 2019, 10:20 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 10 Mar 2019, 10:20 ]

Our annual Club Dinner is fast approaching on Thursday 21st March. I will need to give numbers to Milford Golf Club a week in advance so that they can make the food work. The dinner is open to all Club Members (and partners if you wish) and hopefully serves as an opportunity to share stories about what fun was had in 2018, as well as chat about events to aim for in 2019. 

This is put on for the benefit of Club Members not just Committee Members so please sign up ASAP and send me your award nominations!

Look forward to seeing you there.

March 2019 Newsletter

posted 3 Mar 2019, 05:15 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 10 Mar 2019, 10:14 ]

AGM - 21st March 2019

posted 28 Feb 2019, 01:36 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 28 Feb 2019, 05:09 ]

This is notice that VCGH will be holding a brief AGM summary meeting at Milford Golf Club at 18:30 on 21st March. This is directly before the Club Dinner at the same venue, which will start at 19:30.

We are taking a new approach this year, partly because there is not a lot of new business in the Agenda. We will not be holding a full meeting to go through points in detail, and hope that members will instead familiarise themselves with the Agenda and linked documents, and that anyone with any questions or comments will contact us in advance of the AGM Summary Meeting. 

  1. Please read through the Agenda and linked documents thoroughly. 
  2. If you have any comments or questions about the Agenda and associated documents please email us on execteam@vcgh.co.uk at the earliest opportunity.
  3. If you have any suggestions about any new business at the Club for 2019 please email execteam@vcgh.co.uk. We will add any new business to the Agenda in advance of the summary meeting to give people a chance to read through and form an opinion. Time will be given at the Summary AGM for discussions about any new business brought up in this way.
  4. Please come to Milford Golf Club at 18:30 on 21st March. We will summarise the Agenda and ask for relevant approval from attending members. We will ask attending members to vote in any new Club Officials as required in the Club Rules.

Last Chance Spaces for Track Day and Exmoor Trip

posted 20 Feb 2019, 08:16 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 20 Feb 2019, 08:17 ]

There are still a few spaces for our Lee Valley track day on the morning of 30th March: No previous experience is needed, it is just a great opportunity to have a go at track riding in the famed Lee Valley velodrome. The group will be split into two with one group riding at a time, so that coaching ratios work well. We're hoping for a total of 20 people (age 16 and above please). Cost is £25 a head, plus the cost of hiring a bike and shoes (if you don't already have Look Keo cleats).

There are also a few spaces for our club trip to Exmoor which will take place on 7-9th June. The plan is for 3 days of riding around a single location hotel for all riding levels. More info here.

Both these opportunities are not to be missed so please email Lara asap if you would like to participate.

Annual Club Dinner: 21st March

posted 14 Feb 2019, 09:49 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 28 Feb 2019, 05:10 ]

This year we're holding our Annual Dinner at Milford Golf Club where there'll be a fork buffet evening meal and open bar. We're hoping this will encourage a bit more informal mixing than a sit-down dinner. 

Milford Golf Club has been chosen for its accessibility; it has ample free parking, is within walking distance of many of those living in the Milford/Witley area, a 5 min walk from Milford train station, and within cycling distance for absolutely everyone!

The evening will start with a short AGM voting session, which will conclude some online decisions that will be distributed before the end of February.

There will also be the usual selection of serious, and not-so-serious annual awards!

Full details of the evening will be announced soon, including the price per head (we'll keep it as low as we can). For now, please put the date in your diary. Hope to see all of you there!

In Memoriam - Rob Marcus

posted 7 Jan 2019, 03:36 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 6 Feb 2019, 01:50 ]

 Rob Marcus
There are two events planned to celebrate Rob's life. One is being organised by Rob's wife Yvonne and a group of his university friends, and is based in Northampton - details below. The other is a ride to Bosham from Haslemere on 16th March - details in the calendar.

If you are able to make the date, we hope you can join us on 12th March to visit Rob at Olney Green Burial Ground http://www.olneygreenburial.co.uk/ and afterwards to raise a glass, grab a bite to eat, and share memories at the Cowper's Oak, Weston Underwood Cowpers Oak | Pub & great food | Weston Underwood near Olney - it is just a mile from Rob's resting place.

We plan to meet at the natural burial ground around 3pm, and move on to the Cowper's Oak for 4pm. The pub doesn't open until 5.30pm, but will open up early for us, and open the kitchen too. It was somewhere Rob and Yvonne would stop for a refresher during cycle trips.

Please let Lara know asap if you can make it, who will pass a message on to Laura who will confirm numbers with the pub.

We hope you can join us. If you have any photos of Rob from times gone by, please bring them too, it would be good to see them. Feel free to share this with any other friends of Rob's you know, so that we reach as many people as possible. Thank you.

I'm very sad to report that Rob Marcus left us this morning (7th January) after a very short and intense battle with cancer. 

Rob was a member of VCGH for many years (despite living on the outskirts of London) up until 2013 when he moved to Kingston Wheelers and afterwards to his current house in Northampton which he shared with his new wife Yvonne.

Those who knew him will know he was a devoted cycling purist who could easily quote gear inches and the advantages of bespoke steel frame-making. He was known to dabble (quite seriously) in the veteran road racing scene as well as TT, and had an unusual preference for riding his single speed on club rides to Bosham. 

His mischievous and irreverent sense of humour, his refreshing honesty, and his zest for cycling in all its forms will be sorely missed.

There will be no funeral but we are organising a Memorial Ride for Rob on 16th March from Wey Hill carpark in Haslemere to Bosham (more details on the calendar) so please sign up if you are intending to come along, so we can reserve enough space in the pub.


Race (and normal) Kit Order. Responses Needed ASAP

posted 6 Jan 2019, 04:46 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 6 Jan 2019, 04:46 ]

It's time to place the annual order for VCGH Race Kit. This only happens once a year because there are minimum order quantities applicable which means we can’t just order as and when people decide they want something. I will at the same time be ordering a certain amount of normal kit to boost the stock kit: It helps if you tell me who needs what, so please respond if you think you’re looking to buy new ’normal' kit in the next few months (no obligation).

**please only order Race/TT kit if you are sure you want to buy. The club cannot afford to buy a whole lot of surplus stock that people change their minds about though there is a small amount of flexibility. A 50% deposit will be required to order any race kit item this year.**

Road race kit is usually either a Bioracer speedsuit and/or Castelli Free Aero Race Jersey (and Bibshorts if you want). TT kit is a Bioracer TT skinsuit. All speedsuits/skinsuits can be made short or longsleeve and can be made with different specification to suit you, but we usually go with the recommended Race Proven suits.

All Bioracer and Castelli kit is available in men’s and women’s specific sizing.

Bioracer - more info
Bioracer’s Belgian sizing is more ’normal’ than Castelli’s very small Italian sizing. If you want to order a Bioracer speedsuit and are unsure about sizing, I can order kit sizing samples to confirm your size. This comes in the form of a normal jersey and bibshorts. Whichever size fits you in the jersey/bibshorts is the size you should order for the speedsuit. Please let me know before Thursday 10th January if you would like to try Bioracer kit samples as I will order these to come in early next week. You will then need to come to my house near Godalming to try on and confirm sizing before Sunday 20th January.

I have one large and one medium men’s Bioracer road race speedsuit in stock (£162), and one large men’s Bioracer TT suit (£207).

Castelli - more info
Castelli do a race jersey which is very thin material and race fit. You would usually need to order at least one size larger than your Team Jersey if you have one. I have a few Free Aero Race Jerseys in stock if you want to try/buy (all men’s sizes except large), or you can go into a shop stocking Castelli (or order online) to check your sizing, but make sure it’s a race fit jersey as they’re very different from ‘normal' fit.

Some people also race in the Team Jersey. 

The Castelli Free Aero Race Bibshorts are a universal Castelli fit, so you can find out your size by trying any Castelli bibshorts or come and try some Volo Bibshorts at my house, if I have your size.

Bioracer road race speedsuit: APPROX £180 (tbc)
Bioracer TT skinsuit: APPROX £205 (tbc)
Castelli Free Aero Race Jersey (men’s or women’s sizing XS to XXL): £85
Castelli Free Aero Bibshorts: £105
Castelli Team Jersey: £66

* If there is demand for 8 or less of each item from Castelli, I will not be able to place an order.
* I can order any quantity from Bioracer, and the order can be made up with a mix of different suits, but there are surcharges below the value of £350 (£90) and £700 (£45) so ideally we would be looking to order at least 4 suits.

Many people prefer the Free Aero Bibshorts to the normal Volo Bibshorts for everyday riding, but they are not stock kit, so please let me know if you’d like to order any for this year.
Please also let me know if you have any desire to order something from the usual club stocksheet (out of stock sizes will be boosted in this order, but not in winter kit items).

Sorry for the long and complex message. Here’s a summary of what I need to know:

By Thursday 10th January
  • Do you want me to order Bioracer kit samples in your size so you can double-check your Bioracer sizing? If so, what size/s?

By Sunday 20th January
  • Do you want to order a Bioracer Road Race suit or TT suit? What size?
  • Do you want to order a Castelli Free Aero Race Jersey, Free Aero Bibshorts, or Team Jersey? What size?
  • Are you likely to want to order any other Castelli stock kit (bearing in mind the next order will probably not be until September)?
All responses and questions to Lara.

Strava Segment Challenge Results 2018

posted 4 Jan 2019, 05:52 by Duncan Robertson   [ updated 4 Jan 2019, 05:53 ]

Hello all,

Here are the results for the 2018 segment challenge. I tried something new for 2018 by using https://segmentchallenge.com. It started well with lots of contenders, but that fell off dramatically as the year progressed with only the hardcore continuing for the season. Thank you to those who persevered and sorry that I wasn't able to make it more compelling. I'm afraid I just don't have Mr Parkers PR skills.

Anyway the hard earned results.

There were GC, KOM and Sprint winners, but two people claimed all the titles: 

Ali Walters:  102 points
Karl Chandler: 130 points

Well done both of you !!!! both clear winners in the end. Thank you everyone for taking part.

You can see the full results here: 

In terms of one for this season, I'm happy to set one up again, but we may need a rethink on how we make it more appealing for everyone.

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