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AGM Postponed

posted 18 Feb 2018, 08:56 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 18 Feb 2018, 08:56 ]

We are postponing the 2018 AGM until sometime in mid- to late-March. This is because we are still working on some of the structural changes that need to be made for 2018 and want to have more clarity before sending out the AGM notification (which needs to be 21 days before the AGM date). We will keep you posted and announce a date ASAP so please watch this space.

Any questions to Lara.

Strava Comp 2018

posted 31 Jan 2018, 10:57 by Duncan Robertson   [ updated 31 Jan 2018, 10:58 ]

Back for 2018 the Strava comp starts tomorrow. You can find out more on our Strava Competition page. NOTE: We have already been scuppered by the local council and their magical roadworks, so the Feb and March segments have been swapped round and we start with a short punchy climb.

Could you be the new VCGH Treasurer?

posted 26 Jan 2018, 05:30 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 26 Jan 2018, 05:31 ]

After a long and dedicated stint as VCGH Treasurer, Matt Hurst is looking to step down at the forthcoming AGM or soon after. We are therefore looking for other candidates who might be interested in helping out in this role.

An outline of the responsibilities are as follows:

  • To fulfil the statutory duties of the company secretary under Companies Act 2013
  • To be the sole individual within the club to authorise any commitment to make an expenditure and continue to be the sole individual authorised to make a payment on behalf of the club.
  • To be the senior person within VCGH responsible for cash management.
  • Regular cash flow reporting to the Exec team together with the twice yearly preparation of a balance sheet, profit and loss account together with a schedule of prepayments, accruals and provisions. One of the twice yearly P&Ls etc is to coincide with the AGM.
  • To prepare and get signed off by the Exec an annual budget prior to the commencement of the financial year in question.
  • To bring to the attention of the Exec any significant deviation from the annual budget.
  • To present the company accounts to the VCGH Membership at the AGM.
  • To be aware of the welfare obligations of the Club and report any concerns to the Club Welfare Officer.
If you are interested in joining the team or you have any further questions about the role, please email Lara.

Ali Walters as Club Welfare Officer

posted 24 Jan 2018, 05:04 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 31 Jan 2018, 04:19 ]

Having completed her Child Welfare & Protection training, and had a brief induction from me (the temporary CWO) Ali Walters has now officially taken on the role of Club Welfare Officer for VCGH. This role is essential for the operation of the VCGH Jets and Youth sections, and helps keep us generally on the straight and narrow in terms of child welfare. Ali comes to the role with masses of experience from her previous job in education.

Any future welfare issues should be addressed to Ali at welfare@vcgh.co.uk.

FYI the ideal situation as the Jets and Youth sections expand, is to have one female and one male Club Welfare Officer and this also means that the responsibilities can be somewhat shared. Although it carries some obvious responsibility, full training is given and the time commitment isn't huge. British Cycling's description of the role is available to read here. Please would you let myself or Ali know if you are willing to take on the role, or if you have any other questions.

Thanks Ali!

Lee Valley Club Session Times

posted 24 Jan 2018, 03:57 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 24 Jan 2018, 03:58 ]

Adrian Waddy is looking into the possibility of booking a club session at Lee Valley Velopark. The session would be for 20 people and needs to be booked well in advance. At this point we'd just like to get an idea of which session time would be the most popular/accessible to club members? Please submit your answer using the following form, or the poll on our Facebook Group page.

2017 Annual Dinner

posted 16 Jan 2018, 06:41 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 16 Jan 2018, 06:45 ]

Great to see so many of you at the Bel & Dragon, Churt, last night for our annual club dinner. Thanks as always to Matt Hurst for organising the evening and encouraging you all to be there, and to Bel for excellent service.

Strava awards were handed out by our Race Captain Chris Parker to those in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the annual segment competition, except that there was no 2nd and 3rd place in the ladies' competition as yours truly was the only lady to take part! However being one of only one was tempered slightly by sneaking into the top 10 of the men's comp. Jon Hughes, Karl Chandler and Ben Brown took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in that competition respectively.

Our customary awards ceremony gave kudos to the following people:
  1. Competitive Rider of the Year to Matt Hill for being not only an unbelievable force of nature and raw power, but also a great tactical racer.

  2. Most Improved Rider to David Lomax for climbing all of the ranks in the VCGH weekend rides to take a regular spot in the mod+ rides. Runners up Sheena and Ali Walters.

  3. Grand Tour Award to David Bennett for completing his astonishing goal of 200,000 vertical metres climbed in one year, which he achieved by the skin of his teeth on 29th December. Runners up the Land's End to Godalming crew of Elliot Brown, Adam Coomber, Gary Godwin & Paul Hide.

  4. Rider of the Year to Will Beeston for his capable and savvy riding, happily mixing it up with people several times his age, size and experience level, and also for an admirable ability to consume his body weight in hot chocolate and brownies.

  5. Best Dressed Rider to Chris Harrison for his inimitable coordination, humour and style in the wearing of fine socks.

  6. Comedy Moment to Sara Horner for making the ladies wonder what was in the small individually-wrapped square packets that she carried with her on every ride alongside her money and phone. Although these were later revealed to be hydro tabs, Pip loudly and hilariously misinterpreted their use. The VCGH ladies are prepared for anything!

  7. Outstanding Contribution included a nod to a long list of excellent VCGHers who lent a hand last year in various aspects of the Club: Matt Hurst for his stellar organisation of the Paris trip, and Brian Waters for being top-notch support crew; Ali Siddall and Lara Harrison for their commitment to helping the ladies' group thrive; Dave Triska for taking on responsibility for safety and training within the club and for running his Accident Management workshop; Jackie for her work as Membership Secretary and for keeping ladies' intro rides in the calendar; Ali Walters for taking on the Club Welfare Officer role; Frank Eisenhower for starting off some valuable data analysis around club membership; Tim Rogers for his attempts to get the mod+ riders into order and for his design of the handy ride-posting tool; Chris Parker for his commitment to the race team and our annual Strava competition; Nathan for his involvement in the Jets coaching; all the marshals and volunteers who help run our TT series and our Surrey League racing commitments, and the weekend ride leaders who keep the core work of our club going.

    The final award went to Nick Strugnell, acknowledging his work and commitment in making an ongoing success of the VCGH Jets.

  8. Clubman of the Year to Marco Burgin for his tireless involvement in all things VCGH and for being a role-model, a motivator and an inspiration to so many riders.

2017 Strava GC Result

posted 8 Jan 2018, 13:13 by Chris Parker

General Classification 2017

2017 Results are in.  The overall Womens Strava crown has been taken by Lara Taylor.  Congratulations to Lara for taking part this year and riding all the segment to finish with a time that places her inside the men's top ten (9th Place)  A wonderful result Lara.  More ladies riding next year please!!!

The Men's crown has been taken by.... yep, you guessed it, Jon Hughes.  He's won a sack full of coal, water in his tires and a new set of ultra baggy, high drag cycling kit.  Karl Chandler sneaked 2nd place this year with some sterling rides, running Jon close a few times.  Ben Brown takes third in 2017 after a year-long battle with Chris Parker (yes me...) for the last spot on the podium.  Some fantastic rides when he needed to gain those extra seconds.  Well done All.

Check the Strava pages for the full results.

Thanks all for your time, efforts, sweat and tears over the last couple of years.  Duncan Robertson has taken on the Strava Challenge for 2018 so get involved and get riding.  Enjoy.

VCGH Awards Dinner 2017 / 18

posted 18 Dec 2017, 13:57 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 4 Jan 2018, 01:15 ]

Monday January 15th 2018 7:30pm for 8:00pm

A quick reminder that the deadline for sign-up is January 6th so don't miss out! It's a fun evening - a chance to get together and chat about goals for next year and see if you recognise your fellow riders when they're wearing something other than blue and orange. Please come and support your club!


The club awards dinner will be held on Monday January 15th at the Bel & The Dragon in Churt.

We plan to sit down at 8:00 pm for supper, with drinks being served in the bar from 7:30 pm.  The evening should be drawing to a close by about 11:30.

Everyone in the club is welcome plus partners if you wish. Numbers are limited, so if you plan to join us please book your space just as soon as you can.

Any queries, question or special requests please email Matt Hurst


If you would like to nominate someone to be considered for an award please email Lara.

Categories may include but may not be limited to the following:
  • Competitive Rider of the Year
  • Competitive Performance of the Year
  • Most Improved Rider
  • Grand Tour Award
  • Rider of the Year
  • Best Dressed Rider
  • Comedy Moment 
  • Exceptional Contribution
  • Clubman of the Year


Any queries, question or special requests please email Matt Hurst


Bel & the Dragon, Jumps Road, Churt, Farnham, Surrey GU10 2LD.  Tel: 01428 605799


The evening is priced at £35.00 per head, this includes the room rental and your three course meal.  It does not include your drinks which can be arranged and paid for at the bar.


Please complete an individual menu selection for each person you have paid for, it's important that way we are able to know not just what's been selected but also by whom.

Electric Bikes - surely not

posted 22 Oct 2017, 05:28 by Mark Burgin   [ updated 4 Nov 2017, 00:24 ]

I was stopped over at South Warnborough a month or so ago and a bunch of MTBers came in.  We got chatting as you do and it turns out that one of them was in his early eighties and able to keep up because he had an electric motor on his bike.

This weekend I asked Roger how electric bikes worked in his club in Perth Australia, this is what he said:

"Maybe ten or so riders in my club in Perth ride high quality road bikes with electric motors. They are all older guys, some even older than me, who are experienced bike riders. The motors have enabled them to enjoy the many social and physical benefits of cycling once again - the quality of their lives has been greatly enhanced.  In WA there is a legal power limit of 300 watts for electric bikes but this is more than enough to enable these guys to drop even strong riders, particularly in terms of acceleration and performance on climbs. I never thought this would be the case, but given my experience in Perth, I am now strongly in favour of electric bikes and would urge that their use should be allowed by VCGH."

When we came up with the club rules ten or so years ago we specifically excluded electric bikes and for that matter any power assisted bikes, I'm starting to think this is a subject we should re visit at the AGM.  Maybe there's a trial we could run for a year perhaps limiting the wattage etc, food for thought.

Do let me have your thoughts.


Mark Burgin
VCGH Chairman & Youth Officer

Marco Burgin +44 (0)7775 712718

Staple Lane Hillclimb

posted 14 Oct 2017, 08:45 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 14 Oct 2017, 08:47 ]

Great turn-out today at our final TT of the season, which (for the first time in this modern series) took in a hillclimb, namely the GH/44, ascending Staple Lane north of Shere for 1.4 miles (or 2.2km for all those metricists)!

Awesome to see a whole load of new faces on the start line, including a sprinkling of non-VCGHers who are always welcome. Some really fantastic times too, with Ben Hopwood (Just Pedal) in first place with an amazing 04:55, followed by Joshua Monk (The Cycle Room) in 05:20. First VCGHer home was Karl Chandler in 3rd position with 05:35. First lady home was Lucy Davies in an impressive 07:04.

A couple of apologies first: we intended to have tea and coffee at the finish line (the usual mobile café unfortunately choosing to be on holiday at the time), but due to a technical hitch with the tea urn, that wasn't possible (mental note not to take the rental company's word for it next time  😜 ). And we also made a couple of stupid errors with the finish times which have now been adjusted, but apologies to those affected.

Special thanks go out to Marco Burgin, Matt Hurst, Lara O'Keeffe and Sara Horner for helping out, and to the lovely few who volunteered their help over the past few days - it's always much appreciated. Also to James Evans whose merry cowbell could be heard across the whole of the North Downs this morning, along with the rest of the guys who came out to support.

So that's it for our little TT season for 2017. It's been a blast. Hope you've all enjoyed it (or thereabouts!) and look forward to seeing you in spring next year for the 2018 season.

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