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VCGH Jets Update

posted 18 Apr 2017, 12:20 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 18 Apr 2017, 12:21 ]

Thanks to all who have enquired about the VCGH Jets - VCGH's Go-Ride section for younger children (6-12) to learn cycling skills in a safe, off-road environment.

I am pleased to announce that we now have 3 qualified British Cycling coaches in the club, congratulation to Marco Burgin and Nathan Hoy for passing their BC L1. Secondly, we have a venue for the training in the form of Milford Infants School, which has a large tarmac playground, and a playing field giving us maximum flexibility in the sessions we can run.

Unfortunately, we have had some delays in getting our DBS certificates - these are the criminal records checks needed before we can legally coach under-18s. With this in mind, we are going to have to push back our start date for coaching from the original date of 23rd April. I am tentatively considering the 14th May, however it is completely dependent on the DBS certificates.

As soon as we have a confirmed start date we will open up membership to the children of VCGH members before opening up to the general public. All children will be required to be junior members of British Cycling for insurance purposes. This is FREE for the first year, and at a low cost thereafter.

Thanks again for your patience. I and the committee are determined to make this a success.

Nick Strugnell

2017 Club 10 TT Number 1

posted 15 Apr 2017, 07:51 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 15 Apr 2017, 07:52 ]

A fantastic turn out this morning for our first TT of the season with 26 riders in total. Dry roads but cool temperatures and a light wind made for decent conditions for this time of year, although the PBs tend to come in warmer weather.

Jez Ponting claimed first position with an outstanding 23:32 - averaging 25.5mph which is an amazing speed on roads that become tangibly bumpier and holier with each passing winter. 2nd was Chris Mott breaking into the 24s with his new stealthy TT machine. And 3rd Mark Pritchard only 6 seconds off his PB with a 25:07. First woman home in 33:21 was Kate Cheeseman finally back on the road after months of post-injury shenanigans, closely followed by first-timer Emma Poston in 33:54.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to ride, especially for sacrificing their Easter Saturday lie-ins. And double thanks to all those who helped out with marshalling at this event. It takes quite a little team to make the TT tick and it's been great to have so many willing helpers.

This event's team were:

Push-offer: Matt Hurst
Marshals: James Evans, Ali Siddall, Nick Davison, Lara O'Keeffe, Sara Horner, Paul Hatcher
Finish Timekeeper: Brian Waters
Results: Marco Burgin
Tea & cakes: Sara Horner (maker of supreme flapjacks) and Ali Siddall

Thanks all!

Full results are here. Please put 13th May in your diaries for Event 2.

VCGH AGM Outcomes

posted 15 Mar 2017, 04:27 by Mark Burgin   [ updated 16 Mar 2017, 03:45 by Lara Taylor ]

The AGM was held at the back end of February at the Dog & Pheasant in Brook.  There were twenty seven members attending and as always there were chunks of formal business we had to go through to be compliant with the Club's governance requirements.

That having been achieved we got onto the stuff that you are probably more interested in, the ways in which the Club is planning to adapt and change this year.

  • The Club's going to start a British Cycling compliant Go-Ride initiative planned for term time Sunday afternoons for 6 - 11 year olds.
  • There will be a youth initiative aiming to get supervised 12-17 year olds out on Club Rides.
  • There will be a recommendation to have a full rear mudguard fitted in the winter between the clocks going backwards in the autumn and going forwards in the spring. 

Chris Parker plans another great year of VCGH training  and racing as does Lara with the now familiar VCGH  TT series with an additional hill climb planned for the back end of the year...... More about all this in the forthcoming newsletter.

You can view a full set of minutes from the AGM here.

Have a great year!


Mark Burgin
Chairman & Youth Officer

Marco Burgin +44 (0)7775 712718

March Strava Comp

posted 5 Mar 2017, 06:31 by Chris Parker

If you fancy knocking holes in each other for the rest of the year, then ride this months segment and get yourself on the GC.  The results are up for Feb (* Strava decided to crash on the night of results collection so check if you have a time and let me know if there are any issues pls...) March's segment is also up and ready for you to ride.  http://www.vcgh.co.uk/strava/march

Have fun and BE SAFE folks.

Ride London Club Challenge

posted 22 Feb 2017, 01:59 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 22 Feb 2017, 02:00 ]

As in previous years, there might be an opportunity to enter Ride London this year as part of a VCGH team. This is particularly good for any of you who've had multiple rejections from the Ride London ballot.

There's more about the club challenge on the BC website

Mark Pearce has kindly offered to collate our team applications again, so at this stage all you have to do is email Lara to register your interest by the end of February. We already have a list of those of you who have expressed your interest through Facebook.

Successful applicants will be informed in March (we may get zero teams accepted, or several, or anything in between), at which point you'll need to fill in your entry and pay for your place. 

You must be able to commit to the event, as the entry is otherwise compromised.
Team categories are all men, all women or mixed (two men and two women).
Each rider within the team must pay their own entry fee (£69) and complete their own online entry form.

Unlike in previous years, clubs who had a team riding in the previous event will NOT be guaranteed a team in this year’s event, however the more paid-up British Cycling members your club has, the higher your chances of a team or teams gaining entry into the event.

 Applications will open in late February.

If you have any enquires please email clubs@ridelondon.co.uk

Please note:

  • A team comprises four riders
  • Every rider in a team must be a current British Cycling member
  • Teams can comprise four men or four women or a mixed team of two men and two women
  • Riders who hold an Elite or Category 1 British Cycling Race Licence are not eligible to enter the Club Challenge
  • Riders who have already secured an  individual place through the original entry ballot or a charity place are not eligible to enter the Club Challenge

2017 Strava Segment of the Month

posted 12 Feb 2017, 11:59 by Chris Parker   [ updated 14 Feb 2017, 16:21 ]

Those of you that frequent Facebook you will have seen the first segment of the month for 2017.  Go visit the Strava pages on VCGH to see what we have served up for the first challenge of 2017.  Feb Segment of the month  Good luck.

VCGH 2017 AGM Mon 27th Feb

posted 7 Feb 2017, 00:30 by Mark Burgin   [ updated 7 Feb 2017, 23:29 ]

The Velo Club Godalming and Haslemere Limited (VCGH)

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Dear Members,

The 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The Velo Club Godalming and Haslemere Limited (VCGH) will be held on Monday 27th February 2017 at The Dog and PheasantHaslemere Road, Brook, Surrey. GU8 5UJ commencing at 7:30 pm.

The AGM is open to all members; it’s your club, so please come and participate.  Myself, Lara Taylor (Road Captain) and Matt Hurst (Treasurer) are charged with running the Club on your behalf.  This is your chance to make sure you are in the loop with Club business and that you participate in the discussions that will inevitably take place around the plans for the forthcoming year.

If you are attending the AGM please make sure your membership is paid for the year.

We want to keep the obligatory formal part of the meeting to a minimum and give as

much time as possible to the cycling interests of the membership.

That said, we would like the attending members to participate by voting on matters arising from the formal part of the agenda, reflected within our proposed changes to the Club Rules.  These proposed changes reflect the proposition that the club should open a distinct and separate GoRide section for 8 -14 year olds together with the controlled inclusion of 14 - 17 year olds on club rides.

I invite you to submit any questions you may have regarding the club to my email

address (marco.burgin@gmail.com). We will endeavour to address the most frequently

asked questions during the AGM.

I look forward to seeing you on the 27th.

Best regards,

Mark Burgin


+44 (0)7775 712718


2016 Club Dinner

posted 24 Jan 2017, 07:16 by Lara Taylor

Thanks to all the club members and their partners who attended our annual club dinner at Bel & The Dragon, Godalming, last night. Although numbers were slightly down on last year, it was great to see so many of you there and listen to some fun plans for 2017.

Thanks to Bel for hosting us so efficiently (we got a glass of bubbly this year!), and to Matt Hurst for organising the evening.

Strava awards were handed out to those in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the annual segment competition: Natalie White, Jackie Johnson and Ali Walters from the ladies, and Jon Hughes, Karl Chandler and Mark Herbert from the men.

Karl Chandler, Matt Hill, Simon Hewitson and Mark Herbert were also awarded the trophy for their win in the vets category of the 4-up TTT challenge.

Our customary serious and not-so-serious awards ceremony gave kudos to the following people:

  1. Competitive Rider of the Year to David Smith for doggedly pursuing his racing goals and simply for hours spent in the racing saddle.

  2. Competitive Performance of the Year to Jon Hughes for his outstanding 19:50 10-mile TT PB, and also to Mark Pritchard for standout efforts in cat 4 racing this year, sometimes in hideous conditions, earning him and the club kudos from race organisers.

  3. Most Improved Rider 2016 to Paul Davies for evolving from injured and unfit solo rider to faster-than-most and dedicated team member.

  4. Grand Tour Award to Elliot Brown for completing his astonishing solo London to Paris attempt in 20 hrs 50 mins.

  5. Rider of the Year to Gary Godwin for a mind boggling mix of distance and speed, culminating in his 3 Cathedrals Ride (supposedly a club ride but nobody else was mad enough to join him); 195 miles and well over 10,000ft which he rode solo in 11.5 hours at nearly 17mph.

  6. Best Dressed Rider to Chris Parker for always being immaculately turned out, and being one of the only people who can genuinely carry off a peaked cap under a cycling helmet.

  7. Comedy Moment to Matt Hurst for blagging his way to Hoops Velo in a police car, once there blagging two tubes that he didn't have enough money to buy, blagging workshop space in which to fix his punctures, and topping it all off with a blagged Nespresso from the chief mechanic!

  8. Outstanding Contribution to all the ride leaders who are the backbone of the club's activities, especially those who seem to be single-handedly ensuring the survival of entire sections of riders (Tim Rogers for the Mod+ Group, Collette Patto for the Strictly Socials, Marco Burgin for the Intro and Social Mod group, Ali Walters and Lara O'Keeffe for the ladies). The awards went to Peter Davies and Chris Harrison for their perpetual willingness to step into the breach and do way more than their fair share of ride leading.

  9. Clubman of the Year to Ali Walters for her strong riding, maximum enthusiasm commitment to all things VCGH, getting involved in every activity, happily taking on ride leadership and helping to organise trips.

2016 STRAVA Final results

posted 14 Jan 2017, 07:37 by Chris Parker

Hi Everyone.  The 2016 final GC standings are now live on the Strava pages.  Congratulations to Natalie White and Jon Hughes who took the honors in the 2016 competition. RESULTS HERE

December STRAVA

posted 30 Nov 2016, 15:07 by Chris Parker

Results for the GC and November will be up this week...well done all on Woolmer Hill, its a bit of a hard one that.

Its December, all I can here and think is this, "Its the FINAL countdown" and all you have to do is complete the final stage of the 2016 Strava Challenge.  Because I really didn't want to end on a sprint I got creative, sorry!

Decembers challenge is a 'Rolling' segment, a 'Sprint' segment and a 'Climb' segment all on the same little stretch of road.  All segments are on the B2130 from Loxhill to Busbridge with the rolling segment encompassing the climb and the sprint.  The road is a joy and a pain in the backside all in one.   

You can choose how you tackle this....ride it in one go....ride each segment separately...have several goes...YOU DECIDE, ITS UP TO YOU...What I hope is its simple enough to make December interesting, rather than a damp squib, but easy enough because its all in one place.  My humblest apologies for putting you all through hell this year.  The good news is 2017 starts with a rest day ;-)


Rolling:  5.2km, Avg Grade +1%. 56m Elev Diff . 
Loxhill to 30 mph signs "BUSBRIDGE" just prior to Munstead Heath Road Junction. Click for Details

Climb:  0.9km, Ave Grade +5%, 47m Elev Diff. 
This is the climb just after Hascombe heading to Busbridge. Click for Details

Sprint:  1.3km, Avg Grade -1%, Elev Diff 14m. 
The final 1.3km of the rolling segment from just after Winkworth Arboretum to the 30mph signs with "BUSBRIDGE" on. Click for Details 

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