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Club 10 TT #5

posted 17 Aug 2019, 10:47 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 17 Aug 2019, 10:47 ]

Another fantastic TT this morning, with 27 riders on the start line despite the rain over the last few days. Because of the weather, most decided to ride road bikes so there were 22 in the road bike category versus 5 in the TT category.

Jon Hughes was first back on a TT bike with an excellent 23:12, followed by Rob Lucas in 27:08. Jon was also first VET on standard in the TT category, followed by Horsham CC's Brian Jones. 

In the road category it was Will Ranoe in top spot with 24:10 although with an unofficial time due to a missed start. Callum Davies-Russell was second in 24:44, closely followed by Matt Hill in 24:48. Laura Senior was first lady home with 27:44, followed by newbie Becky Starbuck in 29:56. First VET on standard in the road category was Matt with a plus time of 2:45, followed by Mark Pritchard with a plus time of 1:10.

Fantastic to see so much variety at this event: we had a two-up team, 2 junior riders, 3 women and 6 first-timers (Robbie, Paul, Steve Street, Steve Wild, Becky and Poppy), as well as 9 PBs. Well done all!

Thanks as ever to our team of volunteers without whom the event just couldn't run. This month the terrific team were:

Push-offer, teas & HQ clean-up: Matt Hurst
Marshals: Andrew Hall, Nick Davison, Sheena Rogers, Ali Siddall, Elliot Brown
Finish timekeeper: Brian Waters
Results: Marco Burgin

Full results are here

Our last 10-miler of the season runs on September 14th. After which it'll be the hill climb on Staple Lane on 12th October. Please put these dates in your diaries.

Thanks to everybody for supporting this event! It is much appreciated.

Join the VCGH Big Ride 2019!

posted 17 Jul 2019, 06:04 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 17 Jul 2019, 06:10 ]

We're running the Big Ride again in 2019 on Saturday 10th August. This is a chance for all levels of riders at the Club to get together for group rides which will finish at the 3 Horseshoes in Thursley for a BBQ lunch and a beer (£10). It's run Merry Harriers style in that riders can choose whether to go solo, club together with some mates, or join a hub group at a designated pace. 2 ride lengths mean that everyone is catered for. Long ride will stop at New Arlesford for coffee, shorter rides at S Warnboro, all aiming to finish by around 14:00 in Thursley when lunch will start to be served.

Would be great to see as many people as possible join these rides, and please feel free to join us for just the ride, or just the pub, if you can't make both. 

  • Sign up via the 10th August posting on the Club Calendar. Sign up closes midnight 5th August.
  • See who else is riding.
  • Questions to Lara.

Club 10 TT #4

posted 13 Jul 2019, 09:46 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 13 Jul 2019, 09:48 ]

How totally amazing to see 32 people on the start line this morning for July's Club TT! An all time record start list, which meant that, for the first time ever, we had finishing riders passing the start corner while riders were still being set off from the start. A full-circle TT, if you will! 

For the amazing turnout I firstly need to thank Ali Walters for her rallying social media cry last week, encouraging you all to support the event (and making delicious cakes to entice you). It was fab to hear her encouragement and read the responses. And secondly I need to thank all you riders who listened to Ali, and came out to ride. I just know you all enjoyed it (once you'd gotten over the early wake-up call, and the painful nature of time trialing!) and it totally made my day to see all the support! Thanks guys!

As you can imagine with such a huge field, the results were really interesting. The road category was the larger category, and was conclusively won by Will Ranoe in 23:23. Second was Mark Pritchard (apologies to Mark for putting him in the wrong category at the HQ) in 25:26 which is a road bike PB for him. 

1st female road bike was Laura Senior in a blistering 26:45 (which as far as I know is a women's road bike course best, Angela Carpenter having achieved a 26:52 in 2016). 

In the TT category it was Matt Hill who topped the leaderboard with a 23:20 and was also first vet on standard (beating his VTTA time by a whopping 4 minutes 8 seconds). Matt was followed by Callum Davies-Russell in 23:41 in his second ever TT. 

First female TT bike was Lara T with a PB of 26:09 (just inside the women's course record) who was also 2nd vet on standard with a plus time of 2 minutes 38.

Great to see a good handful of PBs this month, and also to see 6 women on the start list, which I think is a record. Can we get more?

And last but not least, thanks to the volunteer team who helped run the event. It's sometimes a bit of a thankless task (not easy to communicate to riders in the zone) but the event couldn't run without them. This month those generous guys were:

Start timekeeper: Lara Harrison
Push-offer: Matt Hurst
Marshals: Jez Ponting, David Walters, Nick Davison, Frank Eisenhower, Ali Siddall, Nathan Hoy
Finish timekeeper: Brian Waters
Results: Marco Burgin
Yummy cakes: Ali Walters
Teas: Matt Hurst

Our next event is on Saturday 17th August. Please come back again everybody!

Full results are here.

Club 10 TT #3

posted 15 Jun 2019, 06:15 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 15 Jun 2019, 06:16 ]

Over 200 VCGH members and I'm still only getting 13 people entering the club TT! If anyone has any ideas about how to make this event more appealing, please get in touch!

Thanks, nevertheless, to all those riders and volunteers who turned up this morning to support the event. We were lucky after the hideous rains this week to have dry roads and mild conditions.

Exciting stuff on top of the leaderboard this week, both with Jez Meredith smashing his road bike PB with an excellent 24:18 (a time many would be proud of on a TT bike), and to the 3 riders who contested the top spot in the TT category, with only 8 seconds between them. First home was Matt Hill with a resounding course best of 23:12, closely followed by Jon Hughes with 23:18 after some bad luck with traffic through Kirdford, and hot on his heels David Walters with another course best of 23:20. Excellent work all three. I wonder if Jez Ponting's club best of 22:38 (set in 2017) is under threat this season?

Lots of PBs today as well, so kudos to all!

And thanks as usual to my dedicated team of volunteers who make this event happen. This month they were:

Push-offer and Man Behind the Teas: Matt Hurst
Marshals: Jez Ponting, Simone Dill and Jools Enticknap, Frank Edge, Andrew Hall, Rob Wheeler
Finish Timekeeper: Lara Harrison
Results: Marco Burgin

And thanks as usual to Adrian and crew at Loxwood Sports.

Full results now available.

Next event Saturday 13 July. See you there.

VCGH Presents Bikefest!

posted 13 Jun 2019, 08:17 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 24 Jun 2019, 12:53 ]

Our summer social event is fast approaching and we on the organising team have all started doing sun dances in the hopes of a change in weather before 29th June!

This is an important event in the VCGH calendar - a chance for all Club members to get together in a really relaxed environment, listen to some music, have some yummy street food, and most importantly bring along their families, kids, friends and neighbours so that they can all get involved for a change.

It's very relaxed and friendly with plenty going on. You can sit and warm yourself by the fire pits or you can join in the craziness with some wacky races or turbo trainer tests (nothing too serious - you don't need lycra!) 

We need to get organised with numbers so please sign up and pay for your tickets (£15 each - under 16s go free). This year we're asking you to bring a salad or side-dish if you feel you can, and you will also need to bring a bottle as usual. The facilities are available for camping afterwards, if you want to (bring a tent!)


Jets Race Festival 2019

posted 2 Jun 2019, 06:49 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 2 Jun 2019, 06:50 ]

The VCGH Jets - our very active under-16s section - are putting on a festival of racing as part of the British Cycling Go-Ride Race calendar this 30th June. It's going to be held at Broadwater School in Godalming and is open to club and unaffiliated riders aged under 8 to under 14. There will be a full program of grasstrack racing throughout the morning and the cost of entry is only £5.

This will be a fun and action-packed morning with loads to do. You can learn more about the event and enter via the dedicated Jets Race Festival page, and contact Jets Captain Nick Strugnell on jets@vcgh.co.uk with any questions.

Nick is still looking for volunteers to help out at this event, so if you have a free morning and fancy helping inspire some kids to get racing in a fun setting, please get in touch with Nick.

Club 10 TT #2

posted 18 May 2019, 13:26 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 18 May 2019, 13:29 ]

A bit of a disappointing turnout this morning for the second in our summer Club 10 series, with only 14 riders. Clashes with other events (Bentley open 10 TT in the afternoon, and the Little Lumpy tomorrow) probably played a part, but it's a shame not to see more VCGHers having a go at this event (which is quite good fun, if you ignore the pain!) You definitely don't have to be a hardened time trialist to participate.

Thanks to the hardcore 14 though, and well done to Jon Hughes for knocking half a minute off last month's time for first TT bike in 23:17. This week, however, he was beaten on VET standard time by Matt Hill who was a whole 3 minutes 27 seconds faster than his VTTA VET standard time, with an overall time of 24:01. (see pic  © Frank Eisenhower)

Meanwhile, in the road category, it was Chris Carroll who stormed to victory in 24:58, with Rob Julian in second place with a PB of 26:27. PB also for 1st ladies road bike Debbie Morgan with 28:15.

The team of volunteers was almost bigger than the team of riders this month! And I hugely appreciate every effort. Thanks  to:

Push-offer: Matt Hurst
Start timekeeper: Ali Walters
Marshals: Elliot Brown, Richard Moore, Nick Davison, Frank Eisenhower, Ali Siddall, Tim Powell and Rob Wheeler
Finish timekeeper: David Walters
Results: Marco Burgin
HQ Teas: Ali Siddall & Frank Eisenhower

And thanks as always to Adrian Morris and the team at Loxwood Sports.

Our next event is on Saturday 15th June. Please spread the word and come along if you can. It's just a blast around an easy circuit on a Saturday morning, followed by a bit of a social over tea and cake. There's really no pressure to be in the thick of the competition. It would be great to see a few more of you there.

Full results here.

Club 10 TT #1

posted 21 Apr 2019, 04:11 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 21 Apr 2019, 04:13 ]

Our TT season started again yesterday with the first Club 10 of 2019. This event uses Loxwood Sports as the HQ and the G10/45 as a course, which loops around Kirdford and Plaistow.

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day; dry roads, bright sunshine making for reasonably mild temperatures and hardly a breath of wind. If only we could claim the road surfaces were in good condition, but unfortunately they've disintegrated even further over the winter, and Skiff Lane is now in even worse condition. Just think of it as our very own Spring Classic!

Thanks to all the riders turning up yesterday to give it a go. We had 18 which isn't too bad for this time of year, and those riders included 4 women and 1 junior. We split the riders into 2 categories as we did last year, evening up the playing field a little. All those with aerobars or deep wheels (more than 60mm) or aero helmets were in the TT category. If you think you've been listed in the wrong category, please get in touch.

Jon Hughes was the fastest TT bike, coming home in 23:48 with Mark Wright in second place with 25:35. 1st female TT bike was Ali Walters with 28:59.

First road bike home was Ben Hopwood from Just Pedal who crossed the line with an excellent 24:36 with Mark Pritchard and Matt Hill fighting for second place with 25:44 and 25:48 respectively.

We'll make more of the Vets Standard Times this year which is another way of evening up the field. The Veteran Time Trial Association publish adjustment times for riders based on their age (over 40) and gender. This means that vet riders can be ranked according to how close they got to their vet standard time. Based on these standards, Jon Hughes was our first vet rider, coming in 2 mins 48 seconds faster than his vet standard time. Matt Hill was second vet, beating his standard time by 1:40, and Mark Wright was third,  beating his by 1:01.

Well done to all riders giving it a go this month, especially our junior Ethan Gubby who finished in a very speedy 29:28. Watch your backs folks!

And especial thanks as usual go to my volunteer team who got up *very* early on Easter Saturday to make the whole event possible. This month my fantastic team were:

Push-offer: Matt Hurst
Marshals: Jez Ponting, Ali Siddall, Ralph & Poppy Buschow, Chris Parker, Kate Cheeseman, Michael Chadwell
Finish Timekeeper: Lara O'Keeffe
Results: Marco Burgin
HQ Teas: Karl & Dexter Chandler
And to Adrian Morris at Loxwood Sports

Full results are now online.
Next event is 18th May. See you there!

2019 AGM Minutes

posted 2 Apr 2019, 04:56 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 2 Apr 2019, 04:57 ]

Please read our 2019 AGM minutes and send comments or questions to captain@vcgh.co.uk.

Club Dinner THANK YOU (and quick survey)

posted 22 Mar 2019, 07:44 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 22 Mar 2019, 07:45 ]

Thanks to all of you who attended our Annual Club Dinner and AGM last night at Milford Golf Club. It was fab to see so many of you there. We were trying out a slightly new format for a change, mainly to allow a little more freeform socialisation. It would be good to hear what you thought about it in our totally anonymous survey. Please also fill this in if you didn't attend the evening - it'll only take 2 minutes of your time.

Our AGM minutes will be published in the next few days. And the accounts will be available on the website by 21st April. If you have any specific accounts-related questions you'd like answering before this time, please get in touch with Mark Wright.

Our customary awards ceremony paid an appropriate amount of homage to the following people:
  1. Saeed Mumtaz Most Improved Rider Award to Laura Senior for outgrowing nearly all the VCGH ranks and being an all round talented, lovely lass who is now also developing our first ever Ladies Race Team.

  2. Rob Marcus Competitive Rider Award to Chris Parker for not only supporting and encouraging our entire Race Team, and organising the Cutmill Road Race on behalf of the Club, but also committing to his own highly successful racing year, culminating in a very impressive Cat 2 status at season's close.

  3. Best Dressed Rider to David and Ali Walters (see pic) for their commitment to immaculate team presentation with a range of coordinating kit. (Not just one pink Rapha jersey, but two). Runner up Tim Powell (see pic for very obvious reason why).

  4. Comedy Moment to Adam Coomber for posting the year's most entertaining video on Facebook just before Christmas last year, along with the comment " Not sure about mince pies but plenty of mince in this ride!"

  5. Rider of the Year to Tim Powell for his infectious energy and enthusiasm; if there's riding to be had, he'll do it; if there isn't a ride posted, he'll post one; if there's a race in the offing, he'll have signed up for it.

  6. The Surrey Pavé Award - a real piece of rough-hewn Chilworth cobble dug up by the bloody fingernails of Chris Parker and awarded to someone who has truly outdone themselves - to Paul Davies for his phenomenal 13 hour 13 minutes, 207-mile, Chase the Sun ride last June, as well as notching up his 10,000th mile of riding on 18 December last year. Runner up was the mighty Matt Hill for his 144-mile Solstice at the Henge ride on 22 December, which he started at 2:43am, and averaged over 18mph.

  7. Exceptional Contribution should go to just about everyone involved in running the Club as it wouldn't exist without everyone's input. Many people were mentioned but sticking with the Jets theme for the second year in a row, it goes to Jets coach Adrian Waddy for standing in an often wet and windy carpark putting out cones and encouraging our next generation of riders to behave themselves and learn better skills than many of us have. Also for being always one of the first people to volunteer, and for organising the Lee Valley track day.

  8. Clubman of the Year to Jim Middleton for embodying the VCGH ethos of not just riding, but also getting stuck in to the community wherever possible, committing to keeping a big group of (unruly) Sunday riders in check each week, as well as finding time in a busy work and domestic schedule to help get our Training and Development project off the ground. Awesome stuff.
Winners: Best Dressed (matching even down to the accessories!)

Runner up: Best Dressed

The Surrey Pavé Award.

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