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Tuscany wkend - June

Tour Information Revision 3
Charlie has just returned from Lucca and as a result there are significant updates to the information available about our Tuscan expedition.  This includes the transport plan from the airport to Lucca, the hotel details including links to the hotel websites and details of room sharing for those of you who are.

As if this wasn't enough Charlie has done a huge amount of working in filling out the day plan.  This is now available below in a form that will allow you to download the pre planned routes to a GPS and to print the vital tour details to bring with you.

I'm sure you will all agree we owe Charlie a huge 'thank you' for taking the time to put all of this together for us.

A Bit About Club Tours
Funny as it may sound, the Club does not organise tours for its members .... read more

Tour Summary

As some of you know Charlie Fletcher spends a lot of time cycling in Italy. He is based in the Medieval walled city of Lucca, and he rides in the beautiful surrounding Tuscan hills. Charlie has organised this tour to share that experience with the club and its members.

 Location  Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
 Departure  Thursday 6th June 2013
 Return  Tuesday 11th June 2013
 Airport  Gatwick / Pisa
 Organiser  Charlie Fletcher
 Ride Plan  See details below
 Hotel  See details below

The Group

Grant Stewart is now joining us, taking our group to 12. Grant will be flying out on Wednesday the 5th and meeting up with us in Lucca on the following day.

 1  Charlie Fletcher
 2  Roger Scott
 3  Suzzie Scott
 4  Marco Burgin
 5  Keith Webster
 6  Collette Patto
 7  Rob Marcus
 8  Dave Dodgson
 9  Chris Harrison
 10  Elliot Brown
 11  Jason Fletcher
 12  Grant Stewart

Airport Transfers

Dante a Lucca based taxi driver who Charlie has known for many years  has agreed to organise transport to and from the airport. Transfer including bikes, luggage and people will be either €20 or €25 per head each way, depending on whether we need four or five cars.

Charlie will pay Dante and collect the money from you lot.

Chris Harrison is flying back a day early. Dante will take Chris back for €50.


We will be split between the following two hotels.  These are based upon preferences given. Any changes please let Charlie Fletcher  know very quickly.

Hotel Palazzo Alexander

Via Sanata Giustina, 48
Historic Center - 55100 Lucca  - Italy

 Roger and Suzie  Double Room
 Rob and Grant  Twin Room
 Chris and Dave  Twin Room
 Jason  Single Room

Hotel La Luna
Via Fillungo Court Companions 12
55100 Lucca - Italy

 Collette & Elliott  Twin Room
 Marco  Single Room
 Keith  Single Room
 Charlie  Single Room

Day Plan and Ride Itinerary

The bare minimum of facts plus the ride itinerary are available as a printable document which we strongly recommend you print and bring with you. Day plan


Tables have been booked in two good restaurants for the first and last night. We are all grown ups and can make our own decisions on where to eat on other nights.

Club Kit

With a total of 9 rides we are going to be a smelly bunch if we wear the same kit all the time. The suggestion is that we agree a day upon which we all don the club strip.  It all makes for a good photo opportunity.

Knowledge base