VCGH members have organised various expeditions over the past few years; anything from a weekend testing legs on the Jurassic Coast to more adventurous trips to Paris, the Alps and beyond.  The idea grows from a group of cyclists within the club saying "Wouldn't it be great to ....?" and before you know it we're off on another mad-cap adventure to some legendary Tour de France climb.

To enjoy the expeditions you should train regularly. To be safe you should have ridden regularly with the club for a season or two, be comfortable group riding, and have some understanding of what it takes to be self sufficient in the mountains.

About Club Tours
Funny as it may sound, the Club does not organise expeditions for its members, we can not do this because the law makes it clear that under The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 (SI 1992 No 3288) we would have to make any such expeditions compliant with these regulations and therefore prohibitively complex and onerous to undertake.

However if members of the club agree to share the costs of a package that they have decided to organise for themselves and an individual within the club agrees to organise the details we are then not  “selling or offering for sale the package” and it therefore falls outside these regulations.  This is the basis upon which all club tours are organised.

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