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Karl Chandler
Karl enjoys the challenge, primarily a triathlete he has competed in all manner of distances in the sport. For him time trialling is a way of improving technique and speed in the discipline. Karl did his first and only 10 miler in [August] 2009 but took nearly 2 years to attempt it again and has now done his 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th in as many weeks in 2011. He says “I really didn’t enjoy it first time round – it was horrid…but really I should have tried it twice to be sure as it can become rather addictive!

Adam Denton

Rupert Dickinson
New to VCGH in 2014, Rupert entered the scene at the 2nd of our club 10 sporting course time trials and beat the rest of the field by a good margin.

He followed that up with a first-ever 25 mile time trial on the H25/8 at Bentley of 55:25.

Which makes Rupert one of the riders to watch!

Stephen Donovan

Charlie Fletcher
Twitter @fletchken

Mark Herbert

Jon Hughes
Jon is very accomplished TTist and hill climber who joined VCGH towards the end of the 2014 season. Definitely one to watch for 2015.

Rob Marcus
Rob began time-trialling in the pre-aero 1970’s when he topped out with a 22:38 for a ‘10’ but never cracked the hour for a ‘25’ (except when racing to a 56 on a tandem on the Q25/3 in Kent). More recently he has returned to time trialling as speed training for massed-start road-racing, mostly doing either 2-up’s with whoever he can press-gang, or solo rides on a fixed-wheel gear of 88 inches. He is reigning VCGH 25-mile TT champion (crowned in 2007) but admits that this is only because the club hasn’t held a championship event since, despite the recent influx of much faster members on some very swish equipment.

Peter Phipps
Peter has been a member of the VCGH since 2005 when he officially embraced the road scene after many years competing at mountain-bike events both long and short distance.  Time-trialling at short and medium distance is a discipline that fits in with family life more easily than long distance Audax and Sportives. After a reasonable TT season in 2010 campaigning on a standard road bike (complete with compact gearing),  2011 has yielded some improvement, using a specific TT bike. On July 10th he clocked 58.46 in the Farnham Road Club Open 25  and a recent PB of 22.46  on the A31  H10/8 course.

Roger Scott
I have been doing time trials for over 40 years. When I started we did not ride in helmets; we had toe clips and no specialist TT equipment. Times were much slower in those days and to get under the hour for a 25 was still considered a significant achievement.

Despite long periods when I was equally obsessed with road racing and triathlon, time trialling was my first love and is always what I have come back to.

I have been in five clubs, Haslemere & District CC, Alton CC, Northovers Vets RT, Liphook Cycles RT and now, much the best of the lot, VCGH.

My biggest highlight was the first time I broke the magic barrier and got under the hour for 25 miles.  I nearly didn’t start because it was a very wet day. It was back in 1982 and it was my 40TH birthday - the best possible birthday present. In recent times a big highlight has been to see how time trialling is building within VCGH and to watch the emergence and development of some hugely talented riders within our club.

In over 40 years of time trialling I have only won two open events. Even then, in neither case, can I  claim full credit because both were 2-up events!! But I have always had my own little objectives and among the many disappointments I have had some very satisfying personal victories. Here’s hoping I have many more
Lara Taylor
Lara Taylor

Lara joined VCGH in July 2010, did her first time-trial within a week and was immediately hooked. Since then she's bit-by-bit upgrading to full aero gear and can be seen at many of the TT events in the South-east wondering how on earth to shave off another half second.
Brian Waters
Brian Waters

Keith Webster
More used to car and motorbike racing than cycle time-trialling, Keith has progressed from complete novice in 2012, to churning out some impressive times on our local TT courses, with a 22:28 course PB on Bentley in the early part of the 2014 season, and a first-ever 25 under the hour. Plenty more where that came from, no doubt!

Matt Welsh
Matt is into all disciplines of bike riding - road, track, off road & now time trial. He has done two 10 milers and a 36 mile 3 up. The first 10 was 25:34 and having converted the winter bike into a time trial demon got down to a 23:43 and may the times keep tumbling... As Roger says it is you against the clock “the race of truth”, very pure and very all out, the best way to ride and you get a free cuppa....

Steve Williamson
Steve Williamson
Steve started time-trialling at the end of the 2010 season and has developed into an accomplished time-trialist, with podium places at national and international events to his name.

A VCGH team at the National Team Time-trial in 2011