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Links & Resources for Time Trialists great website with a range of information for anyone interested in getting into time trialling UK governing body for all things TT. A very in-depth website which lists, amongst other things, all the upcoming open time trials in the country by distance and area. Signing up for these is easy: register on the website (with VCGH as your club) and then you will be able to add events to your basket and checkout in the usual way. NB open event closing dates for entries are 10 days to 2 weeks prior to the event. downloadable list of club TTs in the London South (G) district (which we are part of) the club TTs in the South (P) district the club TTs in the London West (H) district (which we are close to) local TT-specific club which hosts a full calendar of open events throughout the season. The dates for these are released in blocks and waiting lists are very full. Fastest riders are generally selected so you will need a fast 10 time to get a spot. Keep trying!"Weather and recon for cyclists: Know thy enemy. See the wind." A website which analyses the effect of wind on past performances over specific Strava segments or TT courses, and estimates the weather's effect on future performances."Our math and physics engine takes your power data, course info, and race day conditions to predict your race performance and create the perfect power plan so you can hit your best bike split ever." series of events around the world many of which include chrono events, each acting as qualifiers for the UCI 'World Finals' held in summertime. The Cambridge events are popular. fantastic closed-road team time trial event in northern France run every September on an undulating circuit. Amazing atmosphere and a chance to ride an event amongst pro and international riders.
Trainer Road PodcastsSubscribe through your usual podcast app, a new episode comes out every Thursday. If you can get past a lot of the waffle / Americanisms it is well worth listening too. Ironman, triathlon, RR, TT, MTB all covered over time. a very good website for picking up tips - lots of discussion of training methods, as well as gear and courses etc. All open start lists generally get listed here as well, and often, results. Just avoid the huge arguments that kick off from time to time.
Training and Racing with a power meter by 
Hunter Allen , Andrew Coggan, PhD and Stephen McGregor, PhD
Great book that brings the advanced power-based training techniques of elite cyclists and triathletes to everyone.

Local Courses

This is a list of some of the best of our local TT courses (links to Strava Routes) which are all good to try out for new time trialists.A3 10TT (P881) 
A3 10 reverse (P881R) 
A3-Old 10TT (Liphook P886) 
A3 25TT (P881/25) 
Bentley 10TT (H10/8) 
Bentley 25TT (H25/8) 
Charlotteville 10TT (Normandy HCC123A) 
Dorking 10TT (G10/42) 
Test Valley 10TT (Stockbridge P140) 
VC St Raphael Hardriders TT 18m (Portsdown Hill P828)
And don't forget the course for our club sporting course TT, the (very rural) G10/45:Kirdford/Plaistow G10/45