As with most clubs, VCGH has always had a small team of 'testers' who have enjoyed competing on the local club and open courses. The south east in general has an active time trialling contingent, and there is some good competition to be had, promoted by some of the very committed teams in the area.

Since 2014 the Club has run its own short series of CTT-approved club time trials on the G10/45 around Kirdford/Plaistow once a month through the summer season, and ending in a hillclimb TT on Staple Lane. These are an ideal opportunity to have a go at time trialling in a friendly and welcoming environment. The course isn't a very fast one, due to its junctions and poor road surfaces, but it's quiet and well marshalled and is the ideal place to start out.

You can learn more about time trialling in general in this section of the website where there are links to information about our TT series, historic results, as well as some details about our current team's success, local events that our team is signing up for this year, and some links and resources for wider research.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions by emailing We look forward to seeing you out there!